Recipes for Making your Handmade Soap, Bath Body and Spa Products

You will find recipes on soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, facials, creams and lotions and other bath body and spa products.

In the beginning, make small batches of any of the natural soap, bath body and spa products, as this will help you not to waste a large amount of ingredients should any of your products not turn out they way your expected.

Remember when you only use natural preservatives making your products in small batches will also decrease the chances of spoilage, even with the addition of vitamin e, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary extract, and benzoin the shelf life of your products will not be as long as a commercially produced product unless you also use a commercially produced preservative.

Read through the step by step instructions found on the soapmaking methods page or other instructions pages before starting any project, also read through the recipe that you have chosen to make so that you can decide before hand if you need or want to use all the materials listed or if you would like to change something.

Enjoy trying these recipes. Should you want to customize any of them review the pages on ingredients and experiment. Substitute any of the given oils and butters, Clays, essential and fragrance oils botanicals or other additives for a similar ingredient according to your needs and preferences. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Not feeling crafty, adventurous or just don’t feel like experimenting then stick with the recipes I have provided as they have been tried by myself and others to make sure that they are useful and useable.

Last note before you go off and make your creations, Keep a pencil or pen and a log book when experimenting with the provided recipes or when creating your own. Write down what and how much of each ingredient that you used. That way if you like the end results you have a record of it.


Melt and Pour Soap

Hand-Milled Soap

Cold Process Soap
• Hot Process Soap
• Liquid Soap
• Transparent Soap

I cannot guarantee the results that you may obtain from the following recipes as many factors could change. They are meant to be used as a guideline and source of inspiration, so please experiment in small batches.

More will be added as soon as I get my notes together.

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